In Development

The Ballad of Bass Reeves  Feature Film

Producers Gay Gilbert and Bruce Nelson are currently in development of the feature film The Ballad of Bass Reeves.

Film synopsis

Bass-Posteer-100dpiRoaming the Indian Nation in search of bad men, Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves prided himself on never firing his gun unless his quarry drew first—chivalry aside, outlaws were worth more alive than dead. Bass was the first African American Deputy Marshall to be appointed by Judge Isaac Parker, aka “the hanging judge.”  Reeves emancipated his self from his white master during an argument about a card game by throwing with one nasty punch; by cold cocking his white master rendering him unconscious. And so knowing the consequence of striking his white master, Bass shook off the dust of Paris, Texas from his heels without ceremony and made his way to The Red River Indian Nation. Bass became a superior tracker. He learned fluent Creek and gained a working knowledge of the languages of the rest of the Five Civilized Tribes.  Bass was part of Judge Parkers 70 Deputy Marshall Posse; that captured outlaws in Muskogee, Arkansas, and Texas territory. Bass used his wits often working in disguise to get the drop on some of the most notorious outlaws of the territory. The film reveals one of America’s most honest and effective Deputy Marshalls of the 19 century.